Monday, 9 June 2014

Discovery Bottles

Discovery Bottles: An oldie (idea) but a goodie

Exploration and Sensory Play for Babies


These are some of the simple discover bottles we made for our babies when they were sitting up and wanting to explore everything.  Discover bottles are SO easy to make and babies love exploring them.  
All you need are old bottles and materials to put inside.  

*If you worry of the lids coming off you can glue the lids once you have filled them with a hot glue gun  or use tape.  

We brought the bottles out for 'special times' so they were not out constantly.  When we did bring them out and when we  out we explored alongside our babies so they were not unsupervised.

The types of bottles we made were:

1. Felt pom poms of different sizes
2. Kidney beans
3. Feathers
4. Water, baby oil and food colouring
5. Food colouring, water and glitter
6. Water and petals

Other ideas:

1.  Pieces of tinfoil
2. Buttons
3. Rice (white or coloured)
3. Sand and glitter
4. Water and beads
5. Shave crayons and add to water
6. Tiny animals and hair gel (will be making these)

Do you have any other ideas that you have seen or used?

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