Sunday, 8 June 2014

Posting Posting and more Posting

We both noticed at around 9/10 months old that all 3 babies were BIG into Posting.  They tried to post everything into big boxes.
As a result we decided to set up a POSTING daily discovery.  

Sam was creative and used strips of old fabric she had around the house and decorated a box with wrapping paper. I don't know how she found time with twins!  I think it looks really inviting for children and her twins loved it.

I on the other hand bought my posting box from ELC.  Baby E loves this. My only complaint is that the door does snap shut, however, we haven't had any accidents with it.  There is also a larger hole on the back which is good for differentiation.  Initially E was not able to get it through the small slit at the front so she used the big hole at the back OR opened the door. This has since changed.

For older children this Pop It In The Post game also looks good.

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