Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Favourite

Baby E's Friday Pick

This is not a sponsored post, it is an honest opinion of a product we love and that I bought

 I stumbled upon the barn when in a local toy shop....well actually Baby E stumbled upon it with GREAT excitement.  
I brought it home and E loved it, she spent ages inspecting the animals (wooden), opening and closing the doors and 'posting' the animals into the barn (no surprise there).

Baby E played for at least 20 mins whilst I sat beside her and read a magazine and had a cup of tea 

 A few weeks later I saw the castle on Zulily so thought I would buy that as well.  

My husband introduced it to her on one of their 'daddy & daughter days' and the feedback was the same: she loved it. The door pulls down AND the tops of the turrets come off- very exciting! 
Although I think my husband enjoyed playing with it a little more then she did (if possible).

They can both be found on Fiesta Craft.  I have also JUST noticed that they have a garage AND an ark.  

 Baby E has already had endless hours of enjoyment and she STILL loves when we bring them out!

The boxes are strong cardboard (type material) so may not be SUPER durable-although mine are still in great condition.

Another bonus is that they all clean away nicely into the boxes
Money well spent!

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